The increasing spread of teleworking has also affected the world of studio photography.

Indeed, nowadays, it has become easier and affordable to equip oneself with a small "home studio". However, that does not mean it is easy to master, even with the help of online tutorials.

You can be an amateur, professional photographer or enlightened self-taught who wishes or needs to carry out a photo shoot and still lack technical skills and expertise in studio light which are crucial when it comes to realising and magnifying your photo shoot.

Luckily, it will no longer be your problem, thanks to my workshop!!!

Step by step, I will teach, guide and assist you by videoconference whatever project you aim to realise:

-Precise definition and objective of your project

-Choice and preparation of equipment

-Optimal camera settings 

-Photo framing optimisation

- Colour balance adjustment

-Highlighting the subject

-RAW files processing

I will answer all your questions.

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This videoconference will take place via Skype.

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To acquire the images, we will use the Capture one software that enables tethered capture.

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The trial version is valid for 30 days.

I can also adapt different light sources for specific uses. 

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Make-up workshop

I offer a day of on-site workshop for make-up artists and make-up schools. The aim of this workshop is to let you discover make-up rendering and above all learn how to adapt it to the light source used.

The first part of this workshop will focus on continuous light which is used in cinema. The advantage of continuous light is that it allows a faithful visualisation of the make-up rendering in the light. We will start from a softer light moving towards a very contrasted light.

In the second part, we will take the same path but with electronic flash as a source of light which is widely used by photographers. The visualisation of make-up rendering is more complex in this case: we will have to know how to interpret it thanks to what we will have learned in the first part.

The course material illustrated with the photos from this workshop will be given to you in the form of a PDF file. If you wish so, you can also get it in the form of a photo book.

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