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Taormine is a town on top of a hill on the coast of Sicily. It is located in close proximity to the active volcano Etna. The town is famous for its Ancient Greek and Roman theater, which is still used nowadays for different purposes. Next to it, cliffs rising above the waters form white sands coves. A narrow stretch of sand connects the town to Isola Bella, a miniscule island classified as nature reserve.

Dear «Voyageurs du monde»! Come to discover this fabulous three-week-long odyssey through the routes of Costa Rica crossed from east to west in order to discover the fauna and the flora of its magnificent landscapes. The journey continues at Puerto Caldara on the board of Boreal, the Ponant’s cruise ship. There the tour exposes us to the local tribes dwelling in the area. We sail on the Pacific Ocean, then cross through the Panama Canal to return to the Atlantic Ocean, making a stop in Columbia to discover Cartagena of the Indies. The voyage reaches its end on the Isle of Curacao, from where we embark on a trip back to Europe, returning with KLM to Amsterdam.

Welcome to Barcelona, a little voyage lasting a few days permits us to visit the «mandatory places» of the city. Throughout the entire book I invite you to discover the panorama views of the city, its port, streets, museums with a conspicuous view of its instillations at the Miro Foundation, its buildings, including the Palace of Catalan Music, and its incredible architecture constructed by the most ingenious architect Antoni Gaudi comprising all of his most known works: the Casa Mila, the Casa Battlo, the Sagrada Familia and, finally, the Guell Park, a genuine location for a photographer’s inspiration.

Heraklion is an ideal place to visit on Crete. On the island, its archeological museum is a necessary place to visit, just as its fortress and its port. We explore the vicinities during our visit to Knossos, but also the village of Kritsa with its authentic atmosphere. We reach a small spot near Rethymnon to examine the fortress and its history, completely succumbing to the charms to the landscapes of the island and its Orthodox Christian churches.

We make a three-day trip to Milan to succumb to the charm of the city and to discover its Piazza del Duomo, visit the Poldi Pezzoli Museum and do shopping on the Via Monte Napoleone. 

An trip by airplane to Cyprus in order to discover the sea resort Aya Napa.  During its off-season it is time for adventures: searching a Venetian monastery enclaved in the middle of numerous clubs with no visitors present during the time of our trip.

Travelers to the arch of the Bridge of Love will have to explore the extended beaches of the island, fall under the charm of the Nissi Beach and, finally, lose themselves in the corridors of the Thalassa Municipal Museum.

An explorer arriving from an urban environment has a strong desire for adventure, a pressing wish for discovering unexplored places. This book sets out to discover toilets in thrirteen places. For this sake, it becomes necessary to encounter dangers ranging from nasty security guards to haunted mansions, to venture into several abandoned garages and workshops, and to sneak under a bridge in all the respective seasons to accomplish the mission.

If you love nature, fauna and flora, cats and potatoes, come to discover this book! Five varieties of nonstandard potatoes, from Mona Lisa’s smile to Vitelotte’s purple dress, are waiting for you. Moreover, they are presented by five cats, registered at LOOF. Scottish straight and Scottish fold greet you.

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